Nature´s Touch

Basketry by Hand from Pine Needles and Gourds

Vicky Nickelson

Paperback: 978-1-938281-70-9 $14.95
E-book: 978-1-938281-71-6 $3.99
Pages: 54
Trim: 8.5 x 11 inches
Audience: Ages 17 and up
Genre: Non-fiction, Arts and Crafts

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Basketry predates pottery and weaving in our history, dating back to 9000 BC. This comprehensive booklet provides background information, supply lists, and patterns to create baskets and jewelry from pine needles and baskets from gourds. Thanks to nature, each basket created with a gourd is unique, as no two gourds are ever the same. Pine needle baskets and jewelry also have their own uniqueness due to the color and size variations of the needles. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned basketmaker or weaver looking to try new materials, you’ll enjoy transforming pine needles and gourds into beautiful works of art.

Vicky Nickelson has lived in the Pacific Northwest all her life. Her husband, Ron, and she reside in Kent, Washington. They share their home with a little cocker spaniel named Betty Cocker and a big ol’ tomcat named Fat Chance. Even as a young girl, she enjoyed the outdoors. To her, you have to love the outdoors to be a basketmaker. When walking through the woods, they always come home with something in their pockets to add to a basket! She enjoys gathering just as much as designing and stitching a basket. Hours of time and love are entangled into each piece.

Growing up, they were a “camping family.” One particular camping trip inspired her for life. A Native American lady was camped next to them, and she was amazed to see she was making baskets out of pine needles. The woman noticed she was watching with interest and took her under her wing and taught her the lost art of Pine Needle Basketry. Little does she know the influence she had on her life. The rest is history…

Vicky's baskets have won many awards, including the Grand Champion at the Puyallup Fair. She has shared the art of pine needle and gourd basketry with many students. She is also a member of the Northwest Basket Weavers Guild.