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The Adventures of Kirby: My Mom and I

By Victoria Holt Abramson

Kirby is an adorable Yorkshire terrier puppy who loves his life. Although he sometimes gets into mischief, his mom gives him unconditional love and takes good care of him. Full of innocence and adoration, Kirby tells about his relationship with Mom and tenderly reveals a bond with her that is near to spiritual. Filling each page of this delightful story of friendship, caring, and faith are photos of Victoria Holt Abramson’s precious dog, Kirby, surrounded by the beautiful, stylish illustrations of Bryan Chung. Cleverly hidden within the pages are twenty-two of Kirby’s favorite toys. Can you find them?

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'cause I wanted to know

By Aaron Cheney

Enjoy the fun black and white illustrations—awaiting your touch of color—when you read this imaginative collection. You'll find poems about pirates, superheroes, cowboys, and thieves, along with other fun and interesting topics. Written and illustrated by singer, songwriter, author, and graphic artist, Aaron Cheney, for his children, this little book is loaded with fun.

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Charlie, The Dog who Could Sing

By Jean Young

Charlie is a Cocker Spaniel, and he loves to sing. Unfortunately, the neighbors are not fond of his voice and make unkind remarks about the noise. Charlie’s owners love him dearly and decide that a move to the country where Charlie can sing to his heart’s content is in order. His new home has a garden, pesky rabbits, and lots of room to roam. He makes four new canine friends who appreciate his singing and like to chase coyotes. But, when a wild bear comes down from the mountains, Charlie and his friends have their paws full protecting their families.

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Mallory in the Forest of Lost Kites

By Sam Steidel and William W. Steidel 

Mallory the mouse has lived his whole life in a cozy attic. But, one day, his world is turned upside down when he takes a ride in the pocket of a runaway kite and flies to the Forest of Lost Kites. After saving the life of an owlet caught in a web of kite string, Mallory finds himself standing before the Council of Owls. He must show bravery and ingenuity as he negotiates a treaty with their leader, the Great Snowy Owl. Will Mallory be able to navigate this precarious relationship with his most formidable predators?

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The Metro Cats: Life in the Core of the Big Apple

By Joanne de Simone

In Metro New York City, where a rebel cat gang rules the streets, how can three kittens, abandoned by their father and separated from their mother, survive on their own? Danger, adventure, a new home, and new friends await them—and the chance to reunite with long lost family in the Big Apple.

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Whose Move: a Dragon's Tale

By William W. Steidel

Each fall after harvest, a dragon would storm into the village of Falorn. The people would hide in fear as the beast ransacked the town, eating anything and everything in sight and breathing fire and smoke as it thundered through the streets. This continued year after year after year, until one day, a homeless orphan boy named Timothy confronted the dragon and changed everything.

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