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Author Marketing 101: Guide & Journal

By C. Morgan Kennedy and Therese Patrick

Author Marketing 101 returns to the basics of a strategic marketing plan and reinterprets corporate terminology so that it applies to novelists and small business owners. New and established authors will learn how to:

  • Develop a professional and engaging author persona
  • Identify overarching themes and colors for their stories
  • Apply these colors and themes to their marketing collateral, web design, and point-of-purchase (POP) displays
  • Identify and target their audience    
  • Utilize their author persona for customer (reader) interactions  
  • Develop a detailed marketing plan to launch their latest book

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Fun Down Under: Australia and New Zealand

By Caitlyn M. Schmidt

Crikey, mate! You’ve found a rare guidebook that’s composed of a continental traveler’s firsthand experiences and photography. This guide gives recommendations and tips about excursions, outdoor recreation, cities, museums, day trips, and more to help you plan your travels. Whether you’re an individual, with a group of friends, or a family, and whether you seek adventure, culture, or relaxation, Fun Down Under provides a variety of locations and activities that will suit your needs. Be comfortable and confident during your travels, and learn about all the fun things to see and do during your stay in Australia and New Zealand.

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Nature's Touch: Basketry by Hand from Pine needles and Gourds

By Vicky Nickelson

Basketry predates pottery and weaving in our history, dating back to 9000 B.C. This comprehensive booklet provides background information, supply lists, and patterns to create baskets and jewelry from pine needles and gourds. Thanks to nature, each basket created with a gourd is unique, as no two gourds are ever the same. Pine needle baskets and jewelry also have their own uniqueness due to the color and size variations of the needles. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned basketmaker, or a weaver looking to try new materials, you’ll enjoy transforming pine needles and gourds into beautiful works of art.

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Midlife Senior Moments at the Danville Center

By Jean Young

When recently widowed forty-five-year-old Anne Farley decides to volunteer at the Danville Senior Center, she finds she may have bitten off more than she can chew. The director puts her in charge of the new lunch program, and Anne has her hands full working with the other volunteers and the town’s mayor. In addition to her new job, she must deal with her grief and learn to manager her finances and maintain her home on her own. Along the way, she makes new friends, takes a grant writing course, grows in competence and confidence in her new life, and meets a special someone who may help end her loneliness.

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Northwest Vignettes Volume One: Creative Nonfiction Stories by NW Authors

Selected by Eckley Guerin and Patricia Williams

This collection of original short stories by Northwest writers was compiled by Eckley Guerin and Patricia Williams, who began a project to gather a collection of stories to publish for the benefit local charities. They selected a variety of pieces with topics that include humor, adventure, travel, nature, animals, and history, written from the true-life experiences of the authors.

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Selected by Eckley Guerin and Patricia Williams

Upon discovering an abundance of regional writing talent, Eckley Guerin and Patricia Williams compiled this eclectic collection of original short stories by Northwest writers. They received so many essay submissions that this second volume was created to share even more fun, interesting, and informative stories to publish for the benefit local charities.

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Songwriting Step by Step

By Aaron Cheney

If you are an aspiring musician, poet, or wordsmith who has ever wanted to write a song, or if you want to write better songs, this book is for you! You’ll be led step by step through the songwriting process and discover tricks and techniques for creating powerful, memorable lyrics and music.

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By Howard Parsons

Can an All-American mermaid find love and happiness while living and working in the big city? Penelope Anne Tench has searched for years, but neither love nor happiness seem destined to come her way. She's about to give up on life completely when she decides to have a bit of fun by playing a joke on an unsuspecting human. Her prank comes back to haunt her when she reports for work at her new job. Has she inadvertently exposed the mer-community of Colony Island to the scrutiny of the human world? Mermaids are strongly warned not to consort with men, but Penelope might be willing to break all the rules by getting into bed with one.

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