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Sign of the Throne: Book One in the Solas Beir Trilogy

By Melissa Eskue Ousley

Abby is an ordinary girl haunted by dreams of an ivory castle, bloodthirsty monsters, and a striking young man. Upon meeting David, the doppelgänger of the mysterious man in her dreams, Abby’s life is changed forever. Encountering the queen of a magical kingdom in a parallel world, Abby learns of the murder of the king, the kidnapping of their infant son, and an evil lord hell-bent on usurping the throne. Abby must convince her mysterious crush, David, that he is the lost heir. Will David realize his true identity and return to claim his throne before the evil locked away is unleashed?

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By Melissa Eskue Ousley

David had no idea his life was a lie until Abby freed him from the spell keeping him from the truth, that he was the lost heir to the throne in a magical realm. After fleeing an army of blood-thirsty monsters, David has returned to claim his crown as Solas Beir, king of Cai Terenmare. Tynan Tierney, the man who ordered the assassination of David's father, has been freed from his wasteland prison and plots to usurp the new king and gather his dark disciples. David, Abby, and their friends journey to the outer edges of the realm to secure the loyalty of the four Oracles. During their quest, Abby uncovers powerful abilities as a seer.

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By Melissa Eskue Ousley

Life for David Corbin, Solas Beir of Cai Terenmare, is grim, at best. The kingdom he rules is on the brink of war. The love of his life has vanished without a trace, and David fears the worst—that she was brutally murdered by mercenaries controlled by the dark lord, Tynan Tierney. His friend, Jon, has been captured, and David has no idea how to rescue him, or if he’s even still alive. The Eastern Oracle has pledged loyalty to Tierney’s cause, and all communication with the other Oracles has ceased. And to make matters worse, a new evil has risen, the mysterious Sower, a monster puppeteered by Tierney himself.

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Agamede, A Tale of Magic

By Gail B. Schwartz

When thirteen-year-old Mindy finds a fishing float on the beach in Mumbai, India, she discovers it's a crystal ball, and she has been chosen to save the world. Agamede, the magical being that takes the form of the ball in her dormant state, needs Mindy’s help to stop an evil sorceress named Roxanne Evillovich, who lost the crystal ball to sea while transporting it to Portland, Oregon. Roxanne's diabolical plan is to use Agamede’s powers to eradicate modern technology from the world and return civilization to the days when magic ruled. Mindy must travel through time and space to thirteenth-century Spain, the mystical Isle of Avalon, and ancient Egypt on a quest for a spell that will allow her to use Agamede’s powers against Roxie and save the world as we know it.

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The peculiar Plight of Milicent Wryght

By Joanne de Simone

Milicent Wryght marries the man of her dreams, but in short order, her uptown Manhattan life sours as she becomes jealous of her hubby’s hobby of training and caring for homing pigeons—and his apparent affection for them. Enraged by what she perceives as his neglect, a scorned Milicent, in a foolishly reckless act of revenge, simultaneously loses her husband and her good life. In an odd twist of Karmic events, she is propelled into a very different life and a most peculiar plight in the Big Apple.

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