The Sower Comes: Book Three in the Solas Beir Trilogy


Life for David Corbin, Solas Beir of Cai Terenmare, is grim, at best. The kingdom he rules is on the brink of war. Abby, the love of his life, has vanished without a trace, and David fears the worst—that she was brutally murdered by the Daughters of Mercy, mercenaries controlled by the dark lord, Tynan Tierney. His friend, Jon, has been captured by the Kruorumbrae, the evil Shadows, and David has no idea how to rescue him, or if he’s even still alive. The Eastern Oracle has pledged loyalty to Tierney’s cause, and all communication with the Solas Beir and the other Oracles has ceased. And to make things worse, a new evil has risen, the mysterious Sower, a monster puppeteered by Tierneyhimself. The only thing working in David’s favor is that Lucia, his traitorous aunt, is locked up in his dungeon. She was less than thrilled when her lover, Tierney, tried to kill her, and knows she owes David for saving her life. Lucia may have critical information about Tierney’s plans for the Sower, but after all the pain and trouble she has caused, can David trust her?

Melissa Eskue Ousley lives on the Oregon coast with her family. When she’s not writing, Melissa can be found hiking, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, or walking along the beach, poking dead things with a stick. Before becoming a writer, she had a number of jobs, ranging from a summer spent scraping road kill off a molten desert highway, to years spent conducting research with a team of educators at the University of Arizona. Her interests in psychology, culture, and mythology influenced her writing of The Solas Beir Trilogy. Book One, Sign of the Throne, and Book Two, The Rabbit and the Raven are also available.



Publisher: Castle Garden Publications, an imprint of Gazebo Gardens Publishing, LLC


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